Ryan Smith, DDS

Ryan SmithDr. Ryan Smith grew up in Houston, TX and is a graduate of Texas A&M Class of 2018, after which he attended dental school at UTHealth School of Dentistry at Houston, completing his degree in 2023.

“I understand that every person and every smile is different. Because of this, each patient deserves to be treated on an individualized basis. I believe that my success as a dentist begins and ends with a patient’s smile. My practice philosophy is based on mutual respect and trust between dentist, staff and patients and genuine caring for the well-being of others. My most basic core belief is that everyone has value.

Dentistry is a beautiful profession. It is not just about teeth. It is about people, personal interaction and making a difference in peoples’ lives. Dentistry provides an opportunity to help people improve their oral health, which can have a significant impact on their overall health. I believe that it is important for a dentist to always strive to keep learning; therefore, I am a proponent of continuing education and staying up to date with all new dental technologies and the benefits they bring to patients."

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